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New List of Active Competitors for 2009

A special thanks to Phil Kunz Photography, Seattle Drag & Ski Sprint Boat Association, Canadian Boating Federation, Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association, and the competitors for providing the images and information to make up this list.

Free "Inboard Hydroplane Racing Spectator's Guide"

Now you can be the expert in the crowd by taking this guide with you to the races.  It has everything found on the web site to help you understand and enjoy the greatest motorsport ever.  Remember to check back here for the latest information on the next race.  Updated to include the new List of Active Competitors for 2009.  New Printing Instructions for printing just the pages you want.
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Thanks to Pierre Foucher, VP. Public Relations, CBF for providing the French translation.

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Ready, Set, Wait... Sometimes this can be the hardest part of all. The boats and drivers need to be in the water and ready for their heat. This prevents long breaks in the action for the spectators. However, the race course may need to be cleared of debris and all hydroplanes from the previous heat.  On a scorcher of a summer day, this is brutal for the drivers. They are wearing a racing suit, flack suit, helmet, oxygen mask and cooped up inside of a cockpit that functions as a solar oven when at rest. Of course at around 100 MPH, there is a nice breeze flowing though the cockpit.

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