Hydroplane Promotions

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Inboard Hydroplane Racing is the oldest motorsport and one that appeals to families from every sector of the population.  The flying start is unlike any other motorsport. It is spectacular to see as many as 12 boats abreast all flying across the starting line at full speed. The turns are marked with large orange buoys and the starting line is marked with two checkered buoys on either end of it. The drivers must time their approach to cross the starting line when the clock has counted down to zero.

Events are typically the main event of a community organized festival organized by civic leaders and community volunteers. Events attract a loyal fan base with diverse demographics creating opportunity for a wide array of commercial vendor, sponsors, and exhibitors.  Venues are held on lakes, rivers, harbors.  Course is a 5 mile oval with 1-1.66 miles per lap.

Owners and Drivers are fan friendly and seldom miss a chance to meet with fans.  Events feature a family atmosphere that attracts corporate attention.  Spectators get opportunities to experience all the action up close and personal with Pit Passes.


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