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Deckster Supply Company Ltd.

Suppliers of Metal Deck - Roof Deck, Form Deck and Composite Floor Deck

Servicing all of Ohio, Northern Kentucky, East and South East Indiana, and the border Region of West Virginia

Conveniently Located Warehouse in South West Ohio off I-70

Let us "Stack the Deck" in your favor.

Metal Deck

Accessories and other products
  • Side LapTek Screws
  • Weld Washers
  • Sump Pans
  • Pour Stop
  • End Closures
  • Cees and Zees
  • Corrugated Roof and Siding Panels
Deckster Supply Advantages
  • No minimum order
  • Convenient pick-up
  • Same day delivery or Next day delivery
    with easy unload
  • Quick turnaround estimating
  • Large warehouse stock
  • All types and gages
  • Custom cuts
Call, Fax, or Email us for information
  Phone: (937) 849-1576
  Fax: (937) 849-6775
  Email: terry.williams@deckstersupply.com
Quick Pick-Up or
Delivery with Easy Unload

Custom Cuts
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Conveniently Located Warehouse in South West Ohio
  DECKSTER Supply Company LTD
2710 S Dayton Lakeview Road
PO Box 15, New Carlisle, OH 45344
Terry Williams, General Manager, Sales Representative
Phone: (937) 849-1576
Fax: (937) 849-6775
Copyright 2016 Deckster Supply Company Ltd. Located just off I-70 at exit 41 (See map), 50 miles West of Columbus, 15 miles North of Dayton. Pete Burnside, Sales Representative, Columbus Region
(614) 431-2046